MY PHILOSOPHY .. a different approach for each individual

In order to produce a long term change in your life, you have to be ready, willing and want to change. It also starts with education and lifelong skill development. An external motivation (as such looking good for an event or for another person) rarely creates lasting long term results.

When you are ready to take back control of your life, I use Leisure Education, Adapted Physical Education, Movement therapy,  Naturopathy or Naturotherapy Nutritional Intervention, Trager MD massage or Mentastics therapy, Posturology and Positive Coaching techniques to develop a unique health plan just for you.

Whether I am teaching a group class with younger teens , doing a one-on-one holistic coaching session with with a CEO or teaching movement re-education for those dealing with chronic pain, every intervention is unique and different.

REDEFINING corporate health

A healthy and happy work force is more productive and able to deal with the heavy stresses of the corporate world. I create stress management, positive psychology and health presentations, workshops and interventions, that relate to your company's core values. From Ergolates fitness lunch classes, Trager Manual Therapy table sessions to Holistic nutrition seminars and consultations, I can customize our time together for maximum benefits. Take a look at my services a little closer ..   


Movement Therapy Combinations (Somatic Gymnastics, Mentastics, Posturology, Prescribed Stretching, Pilates, Yoga, Ergolates and Bio-mechanic Activation)-

Adapted Educational Workshops in Combative Activities, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Animal locomotion and Aerobics for Teens or Adults

Naturopathy; Holistic Nutrition Workshops for Recipes and Healthy Habits

Individual Consultations 

Sleep Therapy 

Looking at the Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Physical, Social and Intellectual Dimensions, Dimensional life balancing 

Corporate Holistic Health Workshops  

Massage Therapy (Trager MD, Sports and Thai) 

Life Coaching (Online) - (In Person)-

Please note: Insurance receipts are only rendered for Naturopathic and Massage Services, which fall under my scope of practice. I reserve the right to refuse a client if their health status does not fall within my scope of practice, within the province of Quebec. I may refer an individual to another Paramedical or medical therapist. Thank you for your understanding.