Adapted Educational Workshops 

I have lead and created a numerous amount of education sessions from pre-teens, athletes to older adults with chronic pain and low mobility. See some of my specialities and videos below. Disclaimer, **some are in french

Having graduated from College in Recreation Leadership training and having a Leisure Science Bachelors degree in Health and Lifestyle along with over 20 different health certifications has simply increased my need to be a Coach and Educator in our North American system. I continue to pursue my Masters in Physical Education at the present time.

Combative Activities:

Combatives are a very extensive group of physical activities which have great versatility. These exercises have a utilitarian bais; they were primarily for combat both in terms of defence or attack. In the evolutionary process, there was a gradual cultivation which led to the emergence of today's physical education combative
exercises and also complex combat systems that are today designated as combative sports and martial arts.

As an educator, I  recognized the importance of combatives, not only for fitness and motor development of individuals, increasing self-defence capacities of individuals, but also as a means of cultivating of personality. 

However I have found, combatives to be more important for personal fulfilment. For many individuals Combatives are practised for sport, physical and psychological development, self-defence, health promotion and mental hygiene. For its multifaceted positive influence on martial arts, combatives were also included in educational programmes within different levels of the oureducational system.

I strive to offer self defense holistic workshops and educational courses modified for my setting.


For all intents and purposes, my yoga workshops are specialty classes where learning objectives are achieved through lecture, discussion, and practice. Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory. 

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 my Ergolates workshops are Instructor certification classes where learning objectives are achieved through lecture, discussion, and practice. Workshops move from theory to practice, with emphasis on understanding the theory for those that wish to train with EFI Sports Medicine Gravity Training System. 

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 Weight Training - STRENGTH TRAINING:

Although Weight training is a common type of strength training for developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles. It utilizes the force of gravity in the form of weighted bars, dumbbells,  weight stacks or rubber bands in order to oppose the force generated by muscle through concentric or eccentric contraction. I also create workshops for low mobility individuals such as the elastic workout in a wheelchair below. 

Animal locomotion:

I am a red belt Budokon University graduate, I practice and teach animal movement. Animal Locomotion in ethology, is any of a variety of movements or methods that animals use to move from one place to another. Some modes of locomotion are self-propelled, e.g., running, swimming, jumping, flying, hopping, soaring and gliding. 

I follow Budokon University principles whereby the human is by design a quadruped who evolved into a bipedal creature. I look to explore the unique gates of quadrupedal animals in order to examine our bodies forgotten power, vitality and potential.  The video below is provided by the founder of Budokon University. 

Aerobics for Teens or Adults (APEWT) - (APEWA)

My  cardio classes come in many forms . My live classes at times have me becoming overly energetic, that is sure to get your body moving. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this live class example combines cardiovascular training and adapted kickboxing movement, for a superior total body workout.

This video is in French