I am a Health and Life Coach. Whether you’re looking for changes in in your happiness levels, gratitude practice, your mindset or confidence, I can help you move towards your success, so you can get unstuck and achieve the deep and long lasting change you deserve.

I am able to help you find clarity and discover your own meaning of happiness and learn how to free yourself from the fear of living a life you authentically enjoy. Decreasing self-sabotaging habits. 
Learn how to be content and befulfilled in the present moment, in spite of how hard your current circumstances may appear today.
Gain the confidence you need to break away from self-sabotage and the many patterns that no longer support you to live in a fulfilled way.

Online messenger , Facetime or Skype coaching sessions are 30-60 minutes long and conducted from the comfort of your home, office or your couch. So put your feet up, put on your sweatpants and chat towards positivity wherever you are. Some assignments may be sent by email to clients.

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Below my younger self interviewed by happiness seekers.